Pitch ‘n Hit Events and National Tournament Network have teamed up to present the:

Baseball Showcase Invitational

Top96 and PBR New York Scouts will be in attendance.

This tournament is invite only and we are limiting the field to 20 teams. Our goal is to showcase the top teams in the northeast region for college coaches and pro scouts.

There are no camps scheduled at this time.

Please check back again soon
as we regularly update our schedule.


Neal Turvey,
Event Coordinator
Pitch and Hit Events
E-Mail: N.Turvey@pitchnhitevents.com
Cell: 716.816.5169


All teams will play (3) games in pool play, prior to entering either a single elimination championship bracket or a consolation game.

4 teams will advance to the Championship Round, which will consist of the (3) pool winners and (1) wild card team.

The (3) pool winners and (1) wild card team will be determined by:

  1. Winning percentage
  2. Head to Head
  3. Runs Allowed
  4. Run Differential

Tournament Rules

  1. Home team determined by coin flip except in championship round where higher seed is home team.
  2. All games in pool play will be seven (7) innings with a 2 hour time limit. Tie games (after 7 innings) are rendered a tie unless the time limit has not been reached.
  3. There is no time limit in the Championship round. However, the run rule still applies in the Championship round. Run rule is as follows: eight (8) after five (5) innings, twelve (12) after four innings, and fifteen (15) after three (3) innings. No run rule in Championship game.
  4. You may bat 9, use an EH, AH, and/or a DH.
  5. Courtesy runner for the catcher or pitcher at any time, and with 2 out's it is mandatory. The courtesy runner must be a player not currently in the lineup, or may be your team’s last out.
  6. Base runner must slide or attempt to avoid contact.
  7. Baseballs are provided.


Tournaments are held on local fields throughout the Niagara Region of NY

Click for Field Locations, GPS Address and Map

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